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New Solid Waste Billing Rate

Dear Ratepayer,

As you may already know the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (JCMUA) froze all billing for solid waste hauling as of late July 2021. As requested by Mayor Fulop, we promised to re-analyze the rate with the JCMUA and revise the method of charging for solid waste hauling, to ensure that we were assessing the fairest rate possible. We will continue the provision of garbage and recycling collection service to the residents, as the City has for decades on 3 weekly pickups - 2 trash / 1 recycling, at the very low cost of 41 cents per day.

Solid waste fees based upon water usage are discontinued. We will now be assessing a flat fee of $12.50 per month per unit, approximately 41 cents per day per unit. There will be no change in frequency or type of services provided. Enclosed you will find your third/fourth quarter or end of year bill depending upon your individual billing cycle, with adjusted solid waste hauling charges, included with your standard water related and sewer charges.

Please note that the amount previously paid in 2021 will be applied against the new rate for one year as calculated in this bill. If you paid more than the new annual rate per unit through the previous bill you received, you will be receiving a credit on your bill to be applied towards future solid waste hauling charges. If you paid less than the new annual rate per unit through the previous bill you received, you will only be assessed only the balance due.

We trust that you will find this approach to be fair and more equitable overall. We appreciate your patience while we performed the necessary due diligence to arrive at this equitable resolution.


SUEZ Environmental

More information available here.