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We are the public municipal authority based in Jersey City, New Jersey

Meet The Team

Welcome to the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (JCMUA). The JCMUA operates both the sewerage and water systems of Jersey City. Daily, the JCMUA maintains over 240 miles of sewers and 5000 catch basins.

“As our mission statement illustrates the JCMUA pledges to operate and maintain its water and sewerage facilities in a fashion that will protect the public health and environment of all its constituents. It will always strive to accomplish this goal in the most competent, economical and compassionate manner possible.”

Jose CunhaExecutive Director

Modern Water Systems

The Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (JCMUA) operates both the sewerage and water systems of Jersey City. We do our best to be sure that all wastewater and storm water flow to the treatment plant and that fresh water reaches your home.

A Board of Commissioners consisting of five regular appointments and two alternates governs the JCMUA. The Mayor of Jersey City with the consent of the City Council appoints the Commissioners.

Our Mission

Innovate each project with no exceptions.

JCMUA operates a system for the cleansing and distribution of drinkable water throughout Jersey City.


Always overdeliver to our residents.

This includes residents, schools and universities, hospitals, businesses, industries, and private and public institutions.


Manage water to uplift the community.

We’re improving the way water management is operating for the community of Jersey City by utilizing sustainable sourcing to protect the environment during our build process.



Gallons of Wastewater Filtered Daily


Miles of Maintained for JC Water Lines


Residential Citizens Served