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How to Verify Your Service Line is Lead-Free

Step 1

Access the JCMUA Online Map

Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority as apart of compliance with New Jersey Title 58 lead service line replacement act we have developed a web map app for the public residents of Jersey City, NJ to lookup their service line providing drinking water to an individual premise location.

You must read and agree to the listed terms and conditions to begin searching your Jersey City, NJ location.

Access Online Map
Step 2

Search your address and select from the dropdown

In the upper right corner, you will find an address lookup search bar.  Type in your Jersey City address and select your location loaded on screen from the dropdown.

Step 3

View Results About Your Service Line

If your address is listed as Non-Lead with a full green icon, then you do not have a lead service line and a replacement is not required at your property.

If any portion of your icon is white, we need your help in identifying your service line material. Please click on the icon and follow the link noted in red highlighted text, “Report My Service Line” to follow instructions on how to identify your service line material.

If any portion of your icon is grey, JCMUA will be scheduling your service line for replacement.

Step 4

Complete the form by providing the requested information

If you are reporting your service line due to the material being unknown, you’ll need to provide the requested information on the web form.

Need help?

For more information on JCMUA’s Lead Service Line Replacement Program as well as the email and phone number for the call center:

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