Garfield Ave (Bidwell Ave to Fulton Ave)

Emergency Sewer, Water & Gas Replacement

Traffic Permit #: P-TP-2400301150139829

Week of: April 15th 2024

The objectives of these emergency repairs are to complete the following for residents of Jersey City:

Project/Traffic Updates:

5/6/24 (24/7 Operation)

Work to continue on the installation of the 60” Sewer Main between Wegman Court & Skyline Dr. The rock excavation has hindered our progress a bit. We’re currently tracking to complete the 24/7 work on or about 5/23.

  • Approximately 160-ft of 60” sewer main remain along with one manhole structure
  • Tie-in Sideline on Wegman Court
  • Tie-in Sideline on Wegman Parkway
  • Final connection to manhole at Skyline Dr


  • Begin Gas Main & Service renewal on Skyline (anticipated Start May 7th) 3.5 week duration


  • New 12” Water Main has been installed from Fulton to Vreeland. Main is currently being tested and sampled.
  • New 8” Water Main installation will continue on Vreeland with anticipated main installation to complete on or about may 9th
  • New 8” Water Main Installation on Richard St > Dwight St > Fulton > Dwight > Freedom from May 10th to May 20th A crew will also be added to install water services following the WM Installation.
  • Vreeland, Fulton & Freedom


  • Drainage work is anticipated to start on or about week of 5/27.

4/15/2024 (Resume 24/7 Operation)

  • J.F. Creamer – Garfield Ave.: install 60-in sewer pipe and manholes between Stegman St. – Wegman Ct.
  • J.F. Creamer – Stegman S. tie in existing 18-in sewer at Stegman St. to the new 60-in sewer pipe on Garfield Ave.
  • J.F. Creamer – Vreeland Terr.: excavate for flow valves installation.

4/8/24 (Daytime work 6:00AM-6:00PM)

  • J.F. Creamer – Wegman Ct.: excavate to install gas main and transfer gas services.
  • J.F. Creamer – Garfield Ave.: box-out and pave remaining gas main and service transfers.
  • J.F. Creamer – Garfield Ave.: Cleanup site remove material and equipment in preparation for the Jersey City Marathon on April 14th.
  • Smith Sondy – Garfield Ave.: micro-milling and paving area between Fulton & Bidwell to allow smooth surface for runners.

4/1/24  (Resume 24/7 operation)

  • Reinstate bypass from Skyline Dr to MH#3 (located between Dwight & Vreeland Terr)
  • Excavate and continue to install 60” sanitary sewer to MH#4, tie-in to Stegman St 18”
  • Anticipated completion is April 8th.

3/25/24 – Continue to excavate for PSEG installing/transferring services and connecting to existing main from Dwight St to Bidwell Ave. Working in front of 3 homes daily allowing access to dead end streets.

  • Install 12” water main from Fulton Ave to Dwight St

3/18/24 – Currently Replacing Gas Mains & Services between Stegman Avenue & Vreeland Terrace.

  • Residents of Skyline Dr: water service interruption on Wednesday 3/20 between 9AM and 1PM. We anticipate a 1-hour duration.
  • This shutdown is to facilitate the cut and cap of the south water main on Skyline Dr. to stop the back-feed into the abandoned 8in water main on Garfield Ave.
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