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Stormwater Management

Understanding Storm Water

Section No. 1

How Storm Water Happens

Storm water run off is comprised of water and any other object that is on the street that enters the storm drain. This includes leaves, plastic bottles and bags and other garbage that has been left on the street.

Section No. 2

Where Storm Water is happening?

In developing cities such as Jersey City, the amount of impervious land is limited. This means that when it rains, the amount of storm water that can be infiltrated into the ground is about 5 to 10 percent which leads to a larger amount of storm water run off entering the sewer system. Run off is a major source of flooding and water pollution.

Why Storm Water is a Problem?

Jersey City operates on a combined sewer system (CSS).
A CSS is designed to collect storm water run-off, which enters the sewer system through a catch basin usually located on a street corner and waste water in the same sewer line. During dry weather, the system carries the wastewater to the treatment plant. During heavy rainfalls however, the sewer line becomes inundated with the combined volume of water sometimes causing an overflow into our waterways.

This is called a combined sewer overflow or CSO.

  • Jersey City has 21 overflow outfall locations, each equipped with netting facilities.

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